Fall Protection & Ladder User Awareness (May 31)

Course Details

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Time: 7:30AM – 11:30AM

Location: SAFETY MATTERS TRAINING INSTITUTE (Directions & Parking)
5840 Airport Way S, Suite 213
Seattle, WA 98108


$175/per person  (CITC Apprenticeship and Craft Training Partners will receive a 10% discount)

Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to class time are non-refundable.

Course Description

Certification: Wallet Card

Validation: 2 years

Fall Protection training is designed to familiarize workers with the dangers of fall hazards, as well as the proper adornment, use, care, and maintenance of fall protection equipment. With falls being the leading cause of death in construction, it makes sense OSHA requires training for anyone using personal fall protection equipment.

This course covers:

    • OSHA’s “Hierarchy of Controls”
    • Fall Restraint Systems (Railing requirements)
    • Safety Monitors & Warning Lines
    • Fall Protection Plans (Competent Person Supervision)
    • Personal Fall Arrest Systems
      • Arresting forces
      • Free-Fall Distances
      • ANSI specifications
      • System Types (Ropes, SRL, Fixed Lanyards)
    • Required Clearances
    • Swing-Fall Hazards
    • Requirements for inspections and maintenance
    • Harness fitting/storage
    • Connector compatibility
    • OSHA/WAC requirements, covering trigger heights for compliance


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Email: [email protected]

Phone: Katelynn Olson at 206-708-1830 or Jennifer Richards at 206-518-2909