NEC Tables for Electricians: Part 2

Part 1 is NOT a pre-requisite for this class!

This course includes a comprehensive review of various Tables from Article 408 through Annex I of the 2017 NEC and how, when, and for what purpose an electrician would reference and utilize them. Supplemental handouts included in cost of course.

Continuing Education Credit

This course has been approved by Washington State for Electricians and Electrical Trainees.

  • Electrical Trainees
    • 8 hours of Basic Classroom Training
    • Course Number: WA2018-384
  • Journey-level Electricians
    • 8 hours NEC Code Update
    • Course Number: WA2018-388

Class Times

  • 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Required Books/Materials

  • 2017 NEC Code Book
  • Calculator
  • Paper, Pen/Pencil


Classroom Information