NEC Definitions

Course Description

This course provides participants with an in-depth review of definitions found within the National Electric Code (NEC) with detailed explanations of some of the most common terms. Students will learn the format of the NEC; how to quickly look up definitions within the Code using the index and key terms; how definitions are designated; and when and why some definitions will fall under Article 100 and others are found within specific articles. This course will heavily utilize the NEC to teach students about relevant and often used definitions to acquire knowledge that will assist them both on-the-job and in passing the state exam. Supplemental handouts included with the cost of course.

Continuing Education Credit

This course has been approved by Washington State for:

  • Electrical Trainees
    • 8 hours Basic Classroom Training
    • Course #: WA2022-453
  • Journey-level Electricians
    • 8 hours Industry Related
    • Course #: WA2022-453
  • Plumbers & Plumber Trainees
    • 8 hours Industry Related Electrical
    • Course #: WA2021-362

Class Times

  • 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Required Books/Materials

  • 2020 NEC Code Book
  • Paper
  • Pen/Pencil


Classroom Information