Friday, May 15, 2020: On Friday, May 8, CITC was notified that per new guidelines from the Governor’s office, continuing education classes for Electrical Trainees would fall under the “Phase I: Low-risk Higher Education and Critical Infrastructure Workforce Training” re-opening. Because restrictions on classroom based learning have ended, the temporary allowance for electrical trainees to continue working with an inactive training certificate ends on July 4, 2020 (60 days from when restrictions on classroom education were lifted).

CITC had been preparing to re-open classroom based training in mid-July, which would allow us the time to develop a required safety plan for our facilities, order (and receive) necessary PPE equipment, and schedule a series of classes to satisfy the needs of our students. This new timeline caught us by surprise, just as it has many of you. We understand the needs of Electrical Trainees and the added pressure it puts on you to fulfill these requirements in a short turnaround. With this in mind, CITC is working tirelessly to rush our safety plans forward so that we can re-open classroom based learning as soon as possible, with a goal to resume a limited schedule throughout June. Priority enrollment for these classes will be given to Trainees who have a credit on account with CITC and are due to expire by the July 4 deadline. These classes will not be open to new enrollment and will not be posted on our website.

Trainees With a Credit on Account

If you are an Electrical Trainee with credit(s) on your account for classes cancelled due to the closure, and are due to expire by July 4, you are eligible to enroll in classes with CITC for the month of June. We are rushing to put this schedule together and once available, CITC staff will begin reaching out to you via email or phone to assist with enrollment.

Trainees Without a Credit on Account

For Electrical Trainees who were not registered for classes, but are in need of hours before July 4 – we are deeply aware of the position you are in and want to be able to help as many students as we can, however, we must give priority to students who have already registered for classes. If there is space available in classes and you are due to expire prior to July 4, CITC staff will reach out to students on a Wait List. In order to be added to this Wait List, please complete the short form below.

Friendly Reminder

CITC was notified of this new guideline at the same time as you. Our staff is doing the absolute best we can to schedule classes expeditiously, but we will not be able to satisfy everyone’s requirements. We urge you to contact L&I directly and express any concerns about this timeline directly to them. In the meantime, please remember that CITC’s staff is not responsible for these decisions and are working tirelessly to help fulfill your requirements. Abusive and/or threatening language towards our staff will not be tolerated and students who exhibit this behavior – whether via email or phone – will be asked to attend classes with a different provider and any fees paid will be refunded in full.

Contact Us

For additional assistance, contact the Continuing Education Department via email at or toll-free at 877-238-8646. Staff members are working remotely and therefore email correspondence will likely receive the quickest reply.